We finished building some sets plastic stool moulds. These stool moulds are in rattan design, seat are designed in three patterns. The seat patterns are simple and fashion. We believe these new plastic stools will be hot sale products.

plastic stool mould details:

  • plastic stool mould-mould material: 718+P20
  • Plastic stool mould-mould base: S50c
  • plastic stool mould-runner system: cold runner
  • plastic stool mould-machining devices: high speed CNC engraving maching, high speed CNC milling maching

XS Plastic mould have very rich expereince on the plastic stool mould design and building.Firstly our mold designer study stool part design and have correct idea in mind on designing stool mould structure properly. We design optimal cooling circuit,use good mould steel and go to quenching and tempering treatment. This kind treatment will increase steel tenacity,steel hardness and other performance. Like making plastic chair mould and stool mould, we also need to forge steel,to wipe off air holes and inpurity which in steels. We design enough cooling circuit to make sure mold have efficient cooling preformance. High speed CNC engraving and milling machine are used for tooling plastic stool mould.

Welcome contact XS Plastic Mould for plastic stool mould&plastic chair mould.

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