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About Xs Mould

CNC tooling

Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd CNC tooling machine.

2005-2009 small tool room, mainly serve for domestic customers.

2009 Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd registered to extend export business.

The technicians, designers and engineers in Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd are all have more than 10 years experience in the plastic mould industrial, stamping die industrial, machinary industrial, and injection molding. Why Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd employ skilled employees only?  Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd focused to provide our clients best quality products and best service, so rich experience employees is necessary, even we have to pay much more salary than other factory, but we can insure our plastic mould quality, stamping die quality, machine quality and injection molding part quality. In this way, we can creat value for our clients.

Welcome to contact Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd for the business.

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