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Hot runner technique in two-shot injection mold

two shot injection mold|XS Plastic Mold                                                                   

Two shot injection mold|XS Plastic Mold



  1. What is two-shot injection molding

Two-shot injection molding is that molded part only demold one time,but it has two times injection molding, and two different plastic material been molded in one set injection machine. This is also called double color molding,usually finished by one set mold,and need special two-shot injection molding machine.

Two-shot injection mold is getting more and more popular in the recent market. This kind technique can make part surface more beautiful,and easy for color exchangeable but no painting,but costly and higher technique request.

During manufacturing two-shot injection mold,many times need hot runner. Hot runner system is composed of hot nozzle,runner plate and temperature controller,is a perfect gate structure type in the plastic injection molding. Hot runner system working principle is: installing heater equipement in the plastic mold,to keep mold runner in melting situation by using heat and temperature control this principle, just like injection machine nozzle extend to the mold cavity gate directly,make the part molding more easiler.

  1. Hot runner property
  • Well control the melting plastic material temperature
  • Balaned runner design,cavity full filled evenly
  • Very good runner without any defects,make sure color exchange quickly
  1. Hot runner advantages
  • Saving plastic raw material and decrease the cost
  • Reducing molding cycle time,increase machine efficiency
  • Improving the part surface quality and mechanical property
  • Can use point gate directly with 2 plate mold
  • Using side gate to form single cavity mold
  • Increase automatical level
  • Plastic part of multi cavities mold quality is equal
  • Increase the plastic part surface beauty
  1. Hot runner disadvantages
  • Complex mold structure,high cost,high maintenance cost
  • Injection molding will be stable after sometime,causing many waste.
  • When have heat equipment beakdown,highly affect part quality and production schedule

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