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Main performance requests of plastic mould

 XS Mould would like to introduce main performance requests of plastic mould


With the coming of high speed injection machines,the speed of producing plastic parts is getting very fast.The molding temperature normally around 160-350°,sometimes the plastic material flow is not good,but molding too fast,it makes the mould part surface temperature exceed 400℃ in a short time.When the mould working temperature is too high,it will make mould hardness and strength down,causing mould initial broken or make the plastic part deforming. So we need to use heat resistant mould steel.it’s much better if the steel has heat conductivity.

2.request enough strength under working temperature

Usually mould working condition is very bad,some exceed their burden,thus cause cracking. So it request mould has higher intensity and tenacity.


With the expanding of plastic parts use,normally we add other material,such as glass fiber,into the pure plastic material to enhance the plasticity.While adding this material,the entire material flow rate get down,this will cause mould wear,so request mould steel has good wear resistance.

4.corrosion resistance

When adding flame retardants or PVC into ABS material,it may occur corrosion gas during molding.Sometime the gas will make runner gate area corrosive,so request mould steel has good corrosion resistance.

5.Mirror polish process

Mould cavity appearance smooth,core appearance need mirror polish,to make easily demolding.

6.Good texture processing

Normally client prefer to make texture on the part surface,so it request good texture processing.


Written by Citizen Tao-from XS PLASTIC MOULD CO.,LTD— knowledgable on plastic mould

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