blow bottle mould, PET blow mould, stretch blow mould

XS Plastic Mould have rich experience making blow bottle mould, PET blow mould, stretch blow mould, extrusion blow mould. We apply in good quality mould material, such as P20 steel and Aluminium.

Blow bottle mould–mold trial samples:

XS Plastic Mould Co., Ltd provide both 2D and 3D bottle drawing. We make the drawing according client’s bottle sample or pictures. We can make the little change on the design according customer’s requirement. Normally use Aluminum 7075, steel P20 or steel C45 to make the stretch blow moulds.  Quality and price 7075 > P20 > C45. Base inserts may be of the same material or made from beryllium–copper. Aluminum 7075 special high heat transfer rate, easy machinability, and lightweight. Most of the full automatical stretch blow molding machine moulds widely use aluminum 7075 to make the moulds.

Blow bottle mould video: