plastic household mould
plastic household mould


XS Plastic Mould dedicated in plastic household mould designing and manufacturing. We make plastic container mould, plastic crate mould, plastic flowerpot/planter mould, plastic bucket mould, plastic basin mould, plastic bathtub mould, paint bucket mould, plastic basin mould, plastic basket mould, laundry basket mould, disposable cutlery mould, paint bucket mould, water jug mould, plastic water bailer mould, plasic racks mould, plastic shelf mould, lunch box mould, storage box mould, plastic dustbin mould,plastic chair mould,plastic stool mould, plastic kitchenware mould,etc.

Process of purchasing plastic mould:

  1.  Create an RFQ including many of details,sent to mouldmaker for getting a detail quotation list. Part 2D/3D drawings are always welcome by mouldmaker. If not have part drawing, part photoes are also fine. But pls offer mould factory clear part photoes, in different views, with detail dimension. Meanwhile, pls tell mouldmaker other requirement,such as cavity no. runner system, mould steel name,etc.  The more accurate your RFQ is, the more detail mould quotation list you will achieve.
  2.  Mouldmaker submit detail quotation list to buyer.
  3.  Mould price confirmed, buyer sent PO to mould factory, mouldmaker will send PI/contract to buyer.
  4. Buyer arrange deposit transfer as per PI/Contract
  5. Mouldmaker start part design(if neccessory), mould design, including hot runner design if hot runner system requested
  6. Mould design confirmed by buyer, mouldmaker start mould machining work
  7. Mouldmaker submit T1 trial samples to buyer for approval, meanwhile,mould trial video and injection molding parameter will be provided.
  8. Mould trial samples approved by buyer, buyer arrange balance payment; mouldmaker start mould packing and arrange shippment
  9. After-sale service, if need, mouldmaker provide support of plastic injection molding.

The following are plastic household mould trial videos:

Plastic Injection Mould Function

The injection mould is a complex system that must simultaneously meet many demands imposed by the injection molding process. The primary function of the muold is to contain the polymer melt within the mould cavity so that the mould cavity can be completely filled to form a plastic component whose shape replicates the mould cavity. A second primary function of the plastic mould is to efficiently transfer heat from the hot polymer melt to the coolant flowing through the mould, such that injection molded products may be produced as uniformly and rapidly as possible. A third primary function of the mould is to eject the part from the mould in an efficient and consistent manner without imparting excessive stress to the moldings. These three primary functions—contain the melt, transfer the heat, and eject the molded part(s)—also place secondary requirements on the injection mould.  For example, the function of containing the melt within the mould requires that the mould:

  • resist displacement under the enormous forces that will tend to cause the mould to open or deflect. Excessive displacement can directly affect the dimensions of the moldings or allow the formation of flash around the parting line of the moldings. This function is typically achieved through the use of rigid plates, support pillars, and interlocking components.
  • guide the polymer melt from the nozzle of the molding machine to one or more cavities in the mould where the product is formed. This function is typically fulfilled through the use of a feed system and flow leaders within the cavity itself to ensure laminar and balanced flow.