LED light
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LED light mould, LED lighting mould, LED lamp mould

XS Plastic Mould have abundant experience of making LED light mould and LED lamp mould.For example,LED diffuser mould, LED socket mould,LED gear mould,LED wall mount mould and other LED parts mould.

Most time LED light part is in complex structure, so manufacturing LED light mould request hard mould steel for mould core and cavity. H13 or SDK61 we used for making LED light mould as per client requirement. Most of LED light parts are precise,has strict request on part dimension. So when making LED light mould, we need to apply high speed machining machine,make sure part dimension and radius are tooled well.

After voccum quenching treatment, mould cavity core and sliders hardness are 48-52HRC. The above are heater treatment report.

LED light mould  LED lamp mould

mould cavity&core steel: SKD61,H13

mould base: P20

runner system: cold runner/hot runner

delivery time: 50-60days