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XS Plastic Mould made many sets plastic basket mould, storage basket mould, vegetable basket mould, fruit basket mould, laundry basket mould, trash basket mould, plastic shelf mould, plastic racks mould, rattan basket mould,shopping basket mould, drain basket mould, hand-hold basket mould,etc.

Making plastic basket mould tips

Firstly, normally plastic basket mould is designed in two-plate mould type. Plastic basket mould gate design is quite important. Big gate is usually used for plastic basket mould. If plastic basket in large dimension, one big gate is unenough, in this situation, we design 2points even 4 points gate for good injection molding.

Secondly, selecting good quality mould steel is also important. For making good quality plastic basket mould, P20 steel is basic mould steel, if have abundant budget, we suggest 718 or stainless harden steel to make plastic basket mould. Applying good hard steel, not only we can get beautiful nice preformance of plastic baskets, but also the plastic basket mould can used for long time( mould life 1,000,000-2,000,000 shots). Don’t make plastic basket mould by S45C steel, because it’s soft steel, it mainly used for making mold base, rather than mould core and mould cavity. Lots of plastic basket have fashion design,such as rattan design, hollow design, these beautiful designs request good quality mould steel, to achieve best machining performance.