Plastic dustbin mould
Plastic dustbin mould


XS Plastic Mould make different types of plastic dustbin mould,trash bin mould,garbage can mould, trash can mould, rattan dustbin mould,round dustbin mould,garbage bin mould, medicine dustbin mould,dust pan mould,etc.

We also made lots of dust pan moulds. Our dust bin mould and dust pan mould are very good quality, long time mold life. Mirrow polishing makes injection molded dust bin/dust pan in nice beauty.

Plastic dustbin mould, dust pan mould

Mould steel: 718, P20

Mould base material: 50c

Dustbin/dustpan plastic material: PP

Runner system:  cold runner, hot runner

Mold ejector system: stipple plate, hydrlic cylinder, central ejector, ejector pin/block