XS Plastic Mould manufacture plastic planter mould, plastic flowerpot mould, planter tray mould, flowerpot tray mould, seeding pot mould, seeding tray mould,etc.

Plastic planter mould, plastic flowerpot mould- mold basic description:

plastic planter raw material: PP

plastic planter mould steel: 718,P20, 50c for mold base

plastic planter mould cavity: 1cavity/multi-cavity

plastic planter mould ejector system: ejector pin,ejector block, stripple plate

plastic planter mould runner system: cold runner/hot runner

Plastic planter mould design details:

The basic construction for plastic planter mould is applying 2-plate mold. Air vent and mold cooling circuit must be properly designed. This will help solving air vent problem. In order to let planter no flash, we use high speed CNC tooling and milling machine. Even  though using high speed machining machine is costly, but it can save labor matching and assembling.