plastic stool mould, stool mould, child stool mould

XS Plastic Mould make different types of plastic stool mould, like adult stool mould, child stool mould, foldable stool mould, rattan stool mould,toilet stool mould, outdoor stool mould, etc. Clients very care stool pattern and style, desire to develop new style fashion stool mould for their market. Except stool style, client also consider stool durable,beautiful and practial. we can help you on this solution.

Properly design stool mould is very important before stool mold machining, which including stool mould ejection system design, cooling design, stool mould structure design, gate runner design, guide system design, air venting design,etc. XS Plastic Mould have very rich exeprience and knowledgable engineers on stool and chair mould, acheive good stool mould design. plastic stool mould steel selection. Personally if client budget is abundant, 718 steel is good material, no matter becasue its machining performance or its mould life. Economically, P20 steel can be used for plastic stool mould.