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Where is the future of mold industrial?

Where is the future of mold industrial? This is what every body who working with mould industrial should think. More and more robots are used in the injection molding, but few robot can be used to make mold. But artificial intellegence developing very fast, one day we can not see human labor working in the plant. The famous scientist Ray Kurzweil predicted similar with human brain artificial intelligence will be created in 2029. That means after 2029 robot can learn and work like human being. Thus more and more technical jobs will be token by robots.

So what will be for mold factory in future? Maybe all human labors will be disappear in future and workshop looks like below picture manufacturer. Let’s see what will happen in future, Xs Plastic Mould Co., Ltd will follow and keep the steps of the technology developing.

robot workshop

Robot workshop.

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